Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smart ALEC Scott Walker Destroys "Free Market" with Tort Reform.

Here's a great breakdown of government by the numbers, via ALEC. The Walker administration used ALEC's outlines and wording to write tort reform law that directly flies in the face a true free market economic system. 

ALEC has claimed success in pushing tort reform bills … Wisconsin Gov. (and ALEC alumnus) Scott Walker's very first action upon taking office in January 2011 was to push "tort reform" measures from the ALEC corporate wish list. Walker's law, Wisconsin Act 2, appears to draw liberally from the ALEC "Product Liability Act," the "Punitive Damages Standards Act," the "Litigation Accountability Act," the "Reliability in Expert Testimony Standards Act," and elements of the "Comparative Fault Act" and "Joint and Several Liability Act." (See a version of Wis Act 2 identifying the ALEC bills here). After Walker granted the wishes of ALEC corporations and limited the rights of injured Wisconsin residents, ALEC publicly applauded Walker's actions.

ALEC claims to be guided by principles of "free markets" and "limited government," and its opposition to a robust tort liability system contradicts those alleged goals. Under the tort liability system, free market economic pressures check corporate misbehavior. The possibility of a lawsuit (and the associated financial liability) provides an economic incentive for manufacturers, hospitals, builders and other corporations to be more safe and responsible, and it does so without government regulation and enforcement. By pushing its "tort reform" bills, ALEC is not advocating for "free markets" and "limited government," but enlarging government to protect corporate interests from free market pressures.

There's more here.


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