Monday, July 18, 2011

Isn’t the new Concealed Carry Law Creating "Uncertainty" for Businesses?

For me, I will think twice about going into any business that welcomes guns or doesn’t post a sign. I don’t need to subject my family to the local paranoid hobbyist turning our country into a third world nation. Hell, they’re doing that already with wage cuts and handing everything over to business.

Republicans have now created an air of uncertainty for businesses and community divisiveness that marks you political affiliation. The trailer park trashification of America is spreading.

jsonline: There's a term for the challenge facing businesses in complying with the state's new concealed weapons law. "It's a hot potato," says Deborah Mitchell, executive director of the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.

Like it or not, every business in the state - for-profit, nonprofit, privately held or publicly traded - is going to have to decide how to deal with the new law by November, when it takes effect.

Post a sign prohibiting concealed weapons on the property. "You're going to lose some customers. But if your target (customer) says, 'That's awesome. We're so happy you made that choice,' you may gain some customers," Mitchell said.

Post a sign welcoming concealed weapons. "It's just like when you go to PetSmart and the sign says, 'Your dog is welcome here,' "Mitchell said. "Your gun is welcome here." The business probably would gain customers among gun-rights supporters . . . and lose customers among gun opponents. Do nothing, and pretend the law does not exist, in an effort not to scare away any customers. 

Yet the issue remains a sensitive one for businesses, because it can be so divisive.

Guess we picked the wrong time to create business uncertainty. 

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