Thursday, July 28, 2011

Protesters Welcome Walker Appearance at Opportunities Inc., in Fort Atkinson.

Protesters again turned out to greet our popular, and infamous Governor Scott Walker. He decided to encourage the expansion of a company that provides, what has been described, as sweat shop labor. This is a tough story to cover, because Opportunities Inc. is providing training and jobs to those normally not treated well or hired by employers. But the rules and treatment of the individuals seeking help is another thing. Maybe with a little pressure from the protesting public, a few rules and benefits might change:

Cap Times- Mike Ivey: Gov. Scott Walker (spoke) at the 45th anniversary of a fast-growing Wisconsin company with a long history of helping the disabled … Fort Atkinson-based Opportunities Inc. … a whistleblower's claims the company runs an "American version of a Chinese sweatshop" where workers make $7.50 an hour with no benefits, no vacation and little hope of a raise … Robert Heussner, a three-year employee, says he's disappointed the firm has "embraced the type of work environment that Gov. Walker is bringing to Wisconsin."
Citizen Action revealed this jaw dropping information:

WKOW 27 News:

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  1. How typically Wacko Walker and the republican'ts.