Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kathy Nicholaus...Again? She won't publish election night results from individual municipalities. Why in god’s name hasn’t she been fired?

Kathy Nickolaus must be someones idea of a great Republican? As one of the most conservative counties in the state, it looks like Waukesha is giving us living proof you really can’t trust most government officials. Say hello to Kathy.

After costing Waukesha $130,000 and the state a half million dollars for the botched Supreme Court election, Nicholaus nearly lost out on receiving a million bucks for the county from Waste management, after ignoring or losing a few certified letters from them regarding a landfill expansion.  

Now she’s going to do it her way again. Is anyone going to fire her? The Patch:

Even though she forgot to save and to post election results for one community that flipped the outcome of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race in April, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Monday she still won't publish election-night results from individual municipalities on the county's website.

Nickolaus said she won't post the results because it isn’t required by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. She had posted the results for individual municipalities in the past, but when pressed by Waukesha County Board supervisors Monday to bring the practice back, she said it’s not something she’s interested in doing.

However, Supervisor Patricia Haukohl, who represents Brookfield, questioned Nickolaus if the inclusion of municipal results would work to prevent a mistake like the one from the April election. Nickolaus said she “couldn’t say for sure.”

“I’ll continue to work with the GAB … and follow what the GAB suggest for that procedure,” Nickolaus said.

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