Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Tea Party Blackmailers: How to Kill the U.S. Economy.

Both sides? Really? That's the news media focus now, where even the voice of reason's Eugene Robinson is spouting this insanity every chance he gets. Yet the facts are clear: it's the far right tea party members of the House and Senate. Proof?

Michael Smerconish found out there's no reasoning with the sick tea party mindlessness of their agenda. Highlight: Smerconish poses that he, like many families, typically holds down lots of debt (mortgages, credit cards and car loan) so why can't the government.
Rep. Jeff Landry: "Well if you use that logic, then you would say you got to that point, and you just refused to balance your budget, I guess you go into bankruptcy."

Yeah, but that's not what Smerconish said. According to Landry, everyone with a mortgage, car loan and credit card debt are flirting with bankruptcy, but only if they refuse to balance their budgets. Who does that, except for tea party Rep. Joe Walsh...god my head is hurting now.

Here, MSNBC's Kristal Ball explains to Dylan Ratigan how a small tea party minority are holding things up. Again, both sides aren't doing it.


This is Sen. John McCain's great Hobbit speech, again, nailing the tea party wackos causing this crisis:

And finally, the kicker: Luke Russert offers up what fellow Republicans are saying about these tea party kamikaze's:

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