Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walker's Tight Fist of Government Ends up Muzzling Teachers and their lead Negotiator, who's under investigation for objecting to the new handbook.

We're finding out now that teacher input into public education will soon be slipping into the obscurity, maybe even disappear, with the new limits on collective bargaining in place. Kaukauna, along with other public school districts, will be depending more now on the political winds of the school board whether or not teachers have a say. The much touted "we haven't seen any layoffs" rhetoric may be true, but that's because of the mass exodus of experienced teachers, who were bullied and pushed out of the system.

The fact the Patrick Meyer, head negotiator for the Kaukauna Education Association, is being investigated for objecting to the new teacher handbook, sends the needed chilling message that you can no longer question authority. It's an amazingly dictatorial shot across the bow that signals money, not educational quality and a united motivated staff of teachers, is the new guiding force.

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