Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sensenbrenner Town Hall Met with Protests, from Both Sides.

My conservative friend gave me a call the other day and said he was part of the loud angry crowd in the story below, at a recent town hall meeting in Whitefish Bay. Here’s what happened, TMJ4 and the Patch report:

The Patch:

Voters in Southeastern Wisconsin have expressed anxiousness about the debt crisis … That spilled over into a town hall meeting with Menomonee Falls Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner in Whitefish Bay.

Inside the packed hall, people were worried about proposed changes to Medicare …"How about the Club for Growth that's not from Wisconsin?" … "How about the AFL-CIO?" … "You're not answering the question." … "What about the AFL-CIO?"

That was part of the give and take between people before Sensenbrenner walked into the meeting. Some suggested tax increases - instead of tax cuts - were needed to reduce the deficit, but Sensenbrenner fired back.

"I'll disagree with you," said Sensenbrenner. "The labor report that came out last week had an anemic 18,000 created in this country, but half of them came here in Wisconsin.  Something we are doing here must be working." Cheers came from supporters after that statement.

Cheers over a complete lie. Willing conservatives obviously never heard about the jobs fallacy or about the manipulation of numbers on their source for news, talk radio. Weren’t they just a little curious over such an odd claim? Here's even more from Patch reporter Aj Randall:

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