Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Republicans to Push for Early Walker Recall via Dirty Tricks!

In an exclusive, the Washington Post is reporting state Republicans are planning to "game" the Democratic attempt to recall Scott Walker. In another example of the GOP losing the war of ideas, but winning through dirty tricks, they are scheming behind the scenes to get Walker's recall election in spring: 

Greg Sargent: Top Democrats in Wisconsin are increasingly worried that Republicans will be able to prevent Governor Scott Walker from recall by engineering a situation in which the election to recall and replace him takes place on the same day as the Wisconsin GOP 2012 presidential primary (in April), when GOP turnout is at a maximum, I’m told. Leading Wisconsin Dems are leaning towards a plan to ensure that the recall election against Walker is held on the same day as the November general election in 2012. This would ensure maximum turnout among Dems in the state, making Walker’s recall more likely, and provide a big boost in grassroots energy that could help Obama win a key swing state.

 In a nutshell: The date of the recall depends on when signature gathering for the election starts. If it starts this fall, just after the recalls against state senators wrap up … Wisconsin officials very well may schedule the Walker recall to coincide with the next big statewide election: The GOP primary.  Dems expect Republicans to try to encourage this outcome by launching their own dirty-trick drives to collect signatures for Walker ’s recall on this timeline, in order to force the earlier date. (If that sounds far fetched, consider that the Wisconsin GOP hatched a scheme to run fake Dems in Dem primaries to delay the current recall elections.)

Instead of this, top Democrats want to launch the drive for signatures … next spring or later, thus ensuring that the election would take place on the same day as the general election.

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  1. Think through the argument being presented.

    If Repubs started their own Walker recall campaign in the Fall, what could Dems do about it? Nothing. How would they staff such as effort, in other words, why would GOP activists dedicate their time?

    Clearly, the Dems want to avoid a recall election on Feb 21, when the WI GOP primary is tentatively scheduled. WI GOP will have to settle on a date in advance because it takes time to setup a statewide election.

    Dems can start their Walker recall campaign 60 days before Walker is eligible in January, or anytime after.

    The way I see it, Dems have a great deal of influence over the earliest possible date for a Walker recall election, whether that's March or Election Day November 2012.

    It seems to me the Wis.Dems want it in Nov, and maybe because that's when the national dems wants it.