Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recalled Republican Sen. Luther Olsen unmoved by the Loss of our schools and community.

I hope you have a chance to watch one of the most powerful political ads, in my opinion, produced this year.

I'll tell you why. On my trips up north, I usually drive through a little town by the name of Navarino. I always looked forward to driving past a beautiful little school with a great looking playground, baseball field and stands. But it's empty now, abandoned. My heart sinks every time I drive by that building now. A little school that was once filled with life, dreams, educated the area children and brought the community together. It also created many childhood friends, playdates and memories for life.

But that's all over now.  We don't have the money to keep schools like Navarino open anymore.

This ad by Democracy for America, running against Sen. Luther Olsen, supporting Rep. Fred Clark, is an emotional roller coaster for me. Take a look:

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