Saturday, July 23, 2011

State Rep. Jennifer Shilling's "behavior is out of line," Protesting in Madison "yelling, shouting." "Stop the Craziness" says recalled Republican Kapanke.

Is “petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances” a Constitutional guarantee?

In Fitzwalkerstan, and recalled Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke, no! Sit down, shut up, the voters have spoken, its a winner take all system now and wait until the next election. What other message is there in this new Kapanke ad:

DailyCaller: “Jennifer Shilling has acted differently in Madison. Yelling, shouting, standing shoulder to shoulder with special interests. Shilling’s behavior is out of line; it’s not the Wisconsin way. Just when we stopped the craziness, why would we go back to that?” says a voiceover as the ad shows images of Kapanke’s Democrat opponent, State Rep. Jennifer Shilling, protesting and holding signs.

Ouch! When the worst you can say about your opponent is that they protested their government for Wisconsin working families...that's sounds a little dictatorial. Check it out:

Democrats see Dan Kapanke as the Republican Senator they have the best chance at recalling. His district, SD-32, leans Democratic and the percentage of the vote in the district won by Obama was 5 percent higher than the state average. Conversely, Walker got a lower percentage of the vote in SD-32 than he did in the state as a whole. Moreover, Shilling’s district is contained within Kapanke’s senate district, meaning she has already succeeded at winning a majority in a district that comprises one-third of Kapanke’s district.

Here are a few conservative reader’s comments proving the authoritarian one party takeover by Republicans is perfectly fine with them, and what the founding father envisioned, I guess:

Not a big fan of the ad to be honest. They should have photoshopped out her shirt “working families”. It’s the first thing I noticed.

The photo of Trumka with the clenched fist says it all….hysterical mobs, gangland intimidation, threats…..the Democrats/Progressives favorite tactics….union mob bosses stoking the fires…..

Really? And those tea party, Freedom Works bussed in protests, Glenn Beck rallies and town hall disruptions were…?

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  1. Irony and self-reflection is never the tightie-righties' strong suits.

    If this is the direction Dirty Danny is taking, he's WAY down, and I encourage everyone in Wisconsin not to let this lying sack back up.