Tuesday, July 26, 2011

G.E. Healthcare's 115 year old X-Ray Business Headquarters Moves to China, where the business climate is better than in Fitzwalkerstan.

As I've told friends and conservative debaters alike, if the wealthy think moving to a leaner low wage workforce isn't going to effect them personally, like in the pocketbook, they're not to smart. 
No one wants to see jobs offshored to China, but if it had to happen someplace, let it be Waukesha. 
Patch: GE Healthcare’s x-ray headquarters is moving from its Waukesha office to the other side of the world. The top executives will be located in China, according to various news reports on the transition.

Bloomberg is reporting that there will not be any job cuts as several executives or “top managers” will be relocated to Asia. Business Insider further clarifies that there are no expected job losses in Waukesha.

BizTimes.com is reporting that GE Healthcare is investing $2 billion in business growth in China. 
According to Bloomberg News:

 (It's part of) a broader parent-company plan to invest about $2 billion across China, including opening six “customer innovation” and development centers.


  1. And GE is headed by Jeff Immelt, Barack Obama's waterboy.

    Facts aren't your strong suit, are they?

  2. And that makes Obama a capitalist? A friend to big business? Or a socialist?

    I have no idea what your point was, or why you thought this was important.

    Try not going all over the map.

  3. To blame this squarely on conservatives is disingenuous, considering that Immelt is nothing more than a fluffer for the president.

    It's easy to understand why you're an unemployed lib talking head in the lib capital of the north.

  4. Okay, so you know the name Jeff Immelt, I'm not impressed.

    Immelt was not born out of the Obama administration, he existed before Obama became president. He is consulting, by request of the president, and doesn't make policy.

    Neoliberal trade policy and tax law created legal loopholes for companies to avoid paying taxes. Republicans advocate free market, lawless policy. Immelt in just another corporate welfare king.

    Why you're focusing on Immelt is an indication of how far off the planet conservative have gone with their fruitcake debates.

    My employment is not part of this discussion, and as usual, a personal attack out of right field. I'm not in radio because corporate America likes conservative talkers pushing their elitist agenda. Oh, I might be employed in another field. Doh!