Friday, July 29, 2011

Sen. Alberta Darling's office site of Medicare and Medicaid Funeral Procession.

Like a scene out of a David Lynch movie, Citizen Action of Wisconsin put together this funeral for Medicare and Medicaid outside Sen. Albert Darlings office:
In observance of the 46th Anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare this week, supporters staged a funeral procession, complete with a hearse and coffins, at State Senator Alberta Darlings office in Glendale, Wisconsin.  Medicaid and Medicare as we have known them for five decades are now deeply threatened by Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which Senator Darling supports.  The national debt limit crisis has intensified the threat to these vital and widely popular public commitments.  In addition, as Co-Chair of the Legislature’s budget writing committee, Alberta Darling pushed through Scott Walker’s state budget which slashed $500 million from Wisconsin’s Medicaid programs,including BadgerCare and Family Care.

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