Thursday, July 28, 2011

With No Proof and only one Anonymous Source, Sen. Olsen only has to Deny Babysitter Baby Story.

Don't jump to any conclusions yet, but be aware.

This interesting bit of a shocker about Sen. Luther Olsen is starting to percolate, so if this story is true, Olsen may be in for a deserved rough recall ride. But again, there is no indication that the following story is anything but a rumor. Here’s a quick look:

Politiscoop: On its face, we were skeptical of the information we received saying that Senator Luther Olsen had impregnated a teenage babysitter. Immediately we attempted to contact some people in Berlin Wisconsin that knew Olsen in order to get more information on the this situation, since Olsen seems to dodge the press other then in debates. As we made these contacts we received responses such as "Oh you are talking about the babysitter thing". When that second flag went up, we knew we had to make some more phone calls to see who might know about the babysitter "thing". The next response we got was "Oh you mean the babysitter baby?” I must say when those words were uttered I was flabbergasted and appalled.

We were then directed to someone who knew a bit more about the situation. Politiscoop was told that at some point in time, Senator Olsen, had intercourse and impregnated his teenage babysitter and that the father was apparently paid off in order to keep it quiet, Politiscoop is more than willing to give Senator Olsen and opportunity to respond to this story and willing to post that response to this story. I hope he is willing to answer the following questions.

I don’t like running with something like this without more proof, so we’ll have to wait and see how Olsen, and his campaign reacts to what is for now hearsay. See more of the story at Politiscoop.


  1. I don't. The GOP does that kind of stuff all the time. I have no problem returning fire downrange ... none what so ever.

  2. umm. No response yet-3 days later. Anyone following up on this?

  3. There is some progress, but nothing in writing at Politiscoops website.

    I heard an interview from someone at politiscoop and he mentioned a few interesting things, but again, nothing posted.

    I'm looking and will update when something comes up.

    Try Sly's office, it's in my blog listing sidebar. He did the interview.