Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party Exposed as Authoritarian "my way or the highway" Lunatic Fringe.

Say what you will about Chris Matthews, but when he's taking on the new crop of tea party Republicans, he exposes them for the extremist we all knew they were. The only group that didn't get that message was the media, who gave them credibility and prominence in the political tragedy playing out before our eyes.

Matthews exposes Rep. Mike Lee for trying to have it both ways, as usual. Lee speed talks contradictions left and right, but doesn't get away with anything. Lee claimed the House plan was bipartisan (wrong), and that he was willing to compromise (but not really). Lee actually believes we're on our way to insolvency if we don't blow the government up first. It's sad when these suckers start believing their own lies.

Rep. Mo Brooks is next, who is a big supporter of a balanced budget debacle. Such an amendment would lock in personal and corporate tax cuts. The biggest myth award goes to the idea that wealthy people are the "job creators." An absolute lie. Talk to any small business owner trying to get off the ground. Mo gets shredded by Al Sharpton:

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