Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dumb as a Board Ron Johnson introduces Moratorium on all Regulation until Jobs come Back. What is Wrong with this guy?

As time marches on, and new products and services are developed and introduced all the time, it would only make sense to protect the public with oversight and regulation as needed. Naw!

When times are tough, how much worse can it be buying unsafe food, kids toys or a new get rich quick investment vehicle? Such Is the logic of the dumbest guy in the U.S. Senate, Ayn Rand character actor Ron Johnson.

Press release: Today Senator Ron Johnson (WI) introduced S. 1438, the Regulation Moratorium and Job Preservation Act. The bill calls for a moratorium on burdensome federal regulations until the national unemployment rate falls to 7.7 percent – below where it was when President Obama was sworn into office.

“With unemployment at 9.2 percent, and employers nationwide fearful about the Obama agenda, regulators should take a pause.

It was thinking like this that crashed the economy.

Oh, but wait, size matters too. Johnson is one of those “It’s too long, has too many pages, too many rules” Republicans. The books are too big, too heavy, could be stacked to the moon…you get the idea. Ron is fed up with size. “The Code of Federal Regulations, 55% longer than it was only 30 years ago, apparently isn't long enough, so the Federal Register last year included 24,914 pages of new rules. Federal regulators issued 3,573 new rules in 2010 … each year the government averages 84 "economically-significant" new regulations.

See, if we just had a moratorium on regulation, regardless of the health effects on people or the environment, we can achieve what Naomi Klein describes as “disaster capitalism.” How certain is that?

Regulators intend to act in the public interest. But the first part of the public interest is a robust economy. Most Americans have a simpler way of saying "robust economy." They call it, "having a job."
And isn’t that all that matters, especially when everything is gone or taken away from you?

Really, how dumb can one “married into wealth” tea partier like Ron Johnson be? I shudder to think. 

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