Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pasch vs Darling Signage: Reveals Neighbors who are Willing to Throw the Middle Class to the Corporate Wolves.

Before the "No Guns" signs start dotting the neighborhoods, the more temporary signs of "Pasch" and "Darling" are dressing up the summer green. Here's a look at the madness and war between neighbors in this hotly contested recall race. Fox6:

Jsonline: The Darling-Pasch election is Aug. 9. More that $2 million has already been spent on TV advertising in the 8th District, which includes Milwaukee County's North Shore suburbs, a little bit of the city of Milwaukee and parts of Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties. Each candidate has collected more money than any other member of her party involved in a recall, with Darling's nearly $1 million more than double the sum Pasch has raised.

Even more significant, Darling, as the co-chair of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, is the one Republican senator up for election now who's most responsible for the budget approved last month by the Republican-controlled Legislature. Her defeat could be seen as a repudiation of the budget; her victory could be read as a justification.

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