Saturday, July 16, 2011

Waukesha’s Republican County Clerk Nicholaus Screws up Again!!! See, Government can’t do anything right…When they’re in Charge!!

Voters continue to elect politicians who hate their jobs. Republicans hate their jobs so much that just doing their job is an example of government overreach. 

And for someone who would have lost their job long ago in the private sector, Kathy Nicholaus’ political pass for making costly taxpayer mistakes, may have finally expired. May have, because you never know how conservative county supervisors will react to disciplining one of their own. 
The Patch: Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus – already under investigation for a snafu in reporting votes in the state Supreme Court election  – is coming under fire from county leaders again after an error made by her staff nearly cost the county $1 million.

The latest controversy surrounds a crucial letter that Waste Management Inc. sent to Nickolaus’ office in May regarding the expansion of a landfill the company operates in Menomonee Falls. The letter notifying the county of the expansion should have prompted the County Board to take action to join a local committee … By joining the committee, the county also will receive $1 million from Waste Management over the next decade.

However, that May 9 letter was lost by someone in the clerk’s office – even though it was delivered via certified mail and signed by someone in that office … Waste Management on June 29 sent a second letter to the Nickolaus’ office – and a copy to another county department. It was that department – not the clerk’s office – that ultimately brought it to the County Board.

Here’s where “big bad government hating” politicians are rewarded for keeping that characterization alive and well:
County Supervisor Pat Haukohl said "I can’t place blame because I can’t know for sure what happened because I wasn’t there," 

And who could really blame the person in charge, Kathy Nicholaus, when she was soooo busy?  
Nickolaus … said her staff was overworked because of its involvement in the recount of the state Supreme Court election.
If you didn’t buy that, maybe you'll go for this:
In an e-mail to Patch, Nickolaus said she didn’t realize the letter was missing until the second one was mailed and brought to her attention by the other county department. But the clerk's office has since changed policy to make sure certified letters don't get misplaced again.  
Will Kathy Nicholaus continue to make Republicans right about bad government? Sure.

Thanks for the heads up from the illusory tenant.

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