Monday, July 18, 2011

The Right Wing's Corporate front group for seniors, "60 Plus," sent out Spokesperson Pat Boone to sing their song.

Funny thing, I still like Pat Boone in Journey to the Center of the Earth, and I still like a lot of his old songs.

But I don’t like what he’s become or what he’s saying about Medicare or the Democrats. Boone seems to be having a “senior moment.” 

He may have forgotten that after Wall Street caused the economic global collapse, they recovered nicely one year later rewarding themselves with fat bonus checks. Oddly, Boone and Wall Street are perfectly fine asking working/unemployed Americans and seniors to sacrifice their pay, benefits and retirement for the good of the country.
NewsMax-Boone said: “Let’s do what’s right for the country. We seniors have been through several times when we were called on to sacrifice. We can do it. … If it’s good for the country we’ll help our neighbors, we’ll help the more elderly, we’ll help the infirm, we’ll help the hungry, but we can only spend what we have.

Boone sang a slightly edited version of the song. “You made us cry, when you told those lies, ain’t that a shame,” he warbled (about Obama).

Is there some expectation that we’re all supposed to protect the upper class? They’re not the job creators, consumers are. The wealthy aren’t charitably handing out jobs because they have extra cash from their tax cut. Then Boone did what all conservatives like to do when referring to Democrats, project. On Obama:
“He has an agenda, a political agenda, and he is only interested in gaining absolute power over government. He wants it to be a one-party nation. He wants to get Democrats [and] unions so entrenched, and he’s buying their vote, that no other party will have a chance. They’re even saying we cannot lose because we’ve got the unions, we’ve got Hispanics, we’ve got African-Americans in our pocket so nobody can beat us. That’s what they’re looking for and if seniors get hurt along the way then so be it.”

Yes, that’s what Democrats plot, plan and scheme into the wee hours of the night 24/7. We act just like Republicans imagine themselves acting like. Projection is a funny thing; it reveals everything we ever wanted to know about the way they would respond. Like the rattle from a rattle snake. 

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