Thursday, November 17, 2016

Toss Politically Correct term "Alt-Right," call it White Nationalism, spreading Fear everywhere. Return of Internment Camps?

Talk radio's outgoing conservative voice Charlie Sykes is finally leveling with his listeners and below, UW students. WPR:
Charlie Sykes: 2016 Election Normalized Racism, Xenophobia: Conservative Talk Radio Host Tells UW-Madison Crowd Racism Is A 'Cancer' The GOP Needs To Confront.

Sykes told a crowd on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus Tuesday it is impossible to talk about President-elect Donald Trump without discussing the "racism and xenophobia" that has been normalized by his campaign, calling them a "cancer" the Republican Party will have to confront.

Sykes singled out Breitbart News Chairman Steve Bannon, who helped run Trump's campaign and who was tapped by Trump to be his chief strategist in the White House.
"I don't know whether Steve Bannon in his heart is an anti-Semite or a racist, but I do know that he's opened the door, he's normalized them, and he's enabled them. And that will have real consequences."

Toss out the "politically correct" term alt-right: Republican Steve Schmidt said it best about the "white nationalist" Trump administration:

Dumb Ron Johnson and Scott Walker have no problem with Trump's pick of Steve Bannon:
Andrew Beckett /Wisconsin Radio Network: "On that topic of political difference issues here, the president-elect has been facing a lot of criticism this week over the appointment of Steve Bannon in his administration. Do you have any thoughts on his inclusion in a Trump White House?"

Sen. Johnson: "You've got people who opposed President-Elect Trump's election here. They're exploiting a political difference right off the bat. Why don't we give President-Elect Trump and his administration a chance to stand up their administration and start governing?"

Unapologetic white nationalism is spreading everywhere, like Beloit, WI. WISC:

Or this West side Madison incident where Trump supporters sent a letter to black families declaring "we won" and that they were no longer welcome at the swim club: plus discriminatory language and fights with black students in area schools; and area families feeling threatened:

Sykes: "What troubled me about this campaign – and I know the way this actually sounds – that here you have the strong man who comes in and says, 'I alone can fix things, I am the man on the white horse, and all of your problems have to do with these foreigners and these brown people.'  And that resonated with people."  
And while Republican repetition lives on forever in the form of talking points, Democratic alerts about right wing racism...yawn, heard that before:
Sykes said part of the reason many voters dismissed suggestions Trump's campaign was racist or sexist is because Democrats have used the terms to describe so many Republicans over the years and the words lost meaning.
"If in fact Mitt Romney is a racist waging a war on women, if John McCain is a racist waging a war on women, what happens when the real thing comes along and you say, 'Wait, here's a racist who's waging a war on women?' People say, 'Yeah, you say that every time.'"
Return of the internment camps? Public fear is building, and for good reason. We're already talking about internment camps:

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