Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Health Care CEO's worried Republicans will throw insurance markets into Chaos over Lawsuit and Repeal.

Like I've said over and over, Republican politicians don't have a clue about health care, or how it works in the real world. Want proof? Apparently, Republicans never thought there was a health care problem in the first place: 
“People have crappy insurance,” Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) told Politico last week. “This fear that they’re going to lose something that they don’t think they have anyway is crazy.”
George W. Bush once said we already had a national health care system, emergency rooms.

But health care is about to get a whole lot worse if Trump and Paul Ryan have their way, and there's nothing to stop them...unless....

...let's see if corporate CEO's opposition to repealing ObamaCare carries as much weight as their support for Walker's changes to Wisconsin's business climate, which we're never allowed to forget:

Modern HealthCare: Healthcare CEOs are willing to consider Trump's healthcare reform ideas. But they have strong concerns about whether his plan would match the ACA's performance in expanding coverage and slashing the uninsured rate to less than 9%, according to Modern Healthcare's post-election Power Panel survey.

Beyond the ACA, the CEOs surveyed stressed the need for action to curb the growth of prescription drug prices, with 60% saying that should be a top priority for the new administration and Congress.

86% of the CEOs responding to the survey either strongly or somewhat agreed that repeal should not proceed without a replacement plan that provides affordable health insurance for all Americans who lack employer-based coverage.
GOP ObamaCare Lawsuit could Crash Insurance Market: Republicans are now worried their lawsuit to repeal the insurance company safety net payments in ObamaCare may just crash the industry:
House Republicans have asked a federal appellate court to delay (an) appeal in a case that could end some payments to health plans and throw the individual insurance market into chaos.

If those cost-sharing reduction payments were eliminated, as House Republicans have sought, insurers either would have to sharply raise premiums or exit the ACA exchange markets. 

But some Republicans and health policy experts fear that any hasty, drastic moves would crash the individual insurance markets. They warn that ending the cost-sharing reductions without any replacement system might panic insurers by causing them to lose lots of money.
CEO's warn:
CEOs participating in the new survey worried that Republicans will put even more reliance on high-deductible health plans, which they believe are discouraging patients from seeking needed care. They also were wary of GOP proposals to restructure Medicare and Medicaid.

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