Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Horror that is Trump!!!

Just to document for historical reasons the utter helplessness most American feel watching the Trump campaign, I brought together a few bleak assessments that hit their target. But first on the lighter side...

...from what I remember about this video routine below, the three guys here have used other large face masks as their signature, because it gets a lot of laughs. This was also done sometime early in Trump's run for the presidency, so give the kids credit for their vision and odd choreography.

First up, this dystopian Trump critique by Think Progress:
The question is whether our elected officials will still be allowed to govern in a way that displeases Republicans. It is also whether, given the conservative justices’ hostility to voting rights claims, our elections can be skewed in ways that prevent Democrats from prevailing even when they enjoy majority support.

The terrible legal theories (like) striking down child labor laws and the minimum wage, for example, aren’t all hypothetical ideas. They are actual decisions that the Supreme Court handed down in the darker moments of its history.

The GOP doesn’t seek to built a libertarian dystopia from nothing; it largely seeks to revive doctrines that once commanded a majority on the Supreme Court and are now discredited. Of course, in a world where only Republicans get to name justices, liberal decisions of any kind are unlikely to last very long. One of the primary functions of the Supreme Court is to maintain that uniformity. But it cannot do so if it has been wholly discredited by partisan efforts to rig its membership.

That democracy is the rule and judicial intervention is the exception, no longer has a home within the Republican party. They abandoned it in their Ahab-like obsession with killing Obamacare. They abandoned when they demanded that religious conservatives be given broad immunity to the law, even if that immunity strips other people of their rights. They did it to strip President Obama of his lawful authority, even when that authority is explicitly given to him by federal law.
Here's the Huffington Post:
Why Are Tough-Minded Working-Class Voters Still Rallying Behind 'Con Man' Trump?Fact checkers have found Trump to be the most dishonest major party candidate they’ve ever encountered. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker has given a Four Pinocchio rating to an astonishing 63 percent of the 91 Trump statements it has examined – a Four Pinocchio rating means a statements was totally false. In contrast, 14 percent of Clinton’s statements received Four Pinocchios.

Mitt Romney and many others agree that Trump is the greatest con man ever nominated by a major party. Indeed, Trump has been compared to some of the great demagogues of history, like Senator Joseph McCarthy, who spectacularly and falsely stated that a horde of Communists worked in the federal government.
CNN's Fareed Zakaria:
"Donald Trump is different. Not just because he is obnoxious, tacky and vulgar, or that his business dealings show him to be a scam artist. He is different because of what he believes. Donald Trump is not a normal candidate. He is a cancer on American democracy,"
It's interesting to note how Democrats represent so many more people, and yet are in the minority:
According to the voting reform group FairVote, “the 46 Democratic caucus members in the 114th Congress received a total of 67.8 million votes in winning their seats, while the 54 Republican caucus members received 47.1 million votes.”

A ThinkProgress analysis determined that nearly 171 million Americans are represented by Democratic senators, while only about 150 million are represented by Republicans.

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