Thursday, November 10, 2016

Local Radio's Devil's Advocates & Mitch Henck dumped for Christmas Music.

No matter how deep the radio talent is in Madison, familiar local voices just don't seem to be important to Clear Channel/iHeart Radio. That's quite a change from the good old days.

Having been a part of that history, it breaks my heart to see funny, smart, innovative, creative people who still love the whole idea of radio, tossed out on their ass. Former WIBA talker Sly landed a job at a radio group dedicated to bringing local talent and issues to their audience. It's what makes them a part of their community.

For liberal and moderate voices in Madison, those days are gone (nope, Vicki McKenna doesn't count, sucks). Devil's Advocate Mike Crute and Dom Salvia had that Wisconsin sound, with a twist of Midwest skepticism and dry humor. The same goes for Mitch Henck. Here's what the Devil's wrote on their Facebook page:

The Devil's were the highest rated show on the highest rated progressive station in IHeart flipped the Mic format to Christmas music. Find your daily Devil fix at 3:05 CT   "The website Radio Insight said The Mic pulled a 2.1 share in the Summer 2016 Nielsen Audio ratings, the highest share in liberal talk radio in the U.S. registered by Nielsen."
Henck continues with his program as well.
Henck said he’s working to get more affiliates for his show, and will expand his podcast with new hosts, including Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Matthew Rothschild of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and local activist Nino Amato, head of the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.

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  1. I 'm not surprised.....This really upsets me but considering our political state of affairs & our bought & paid for governor by the corporate powers, not to mention countless other ugly things that are happening in Wisconsin. PROGESSIVE RADIO TALK SHOWS in Wisconsin may be reduced to zero.....LIKE PUBLIC RADIO?????