Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rural Voters blamed Obama for Walker's Lousy high unemployment rate and economic Stagnation.

Before you read the following, understand this; Republicans have had complete super majority control of the entire state for 6 years. I know, I know, Democrats forgot to mention that during the last election, but what do you expect, a fight? 

The pain Wisconsinites are feeling can be directly blamed on the Republicans, and it's going to get much worse in coordination with the Trump administration. WSJ:
Supporters in Adams County described a local electorate that was overwhelmingly angry — and ready to break from the status quo, even if the direction of change is unclear. Now local residents say they're eyeing a Trump presidency with long-odds hope, deep anxiety or both.
Again, Republicans have been in charge for six years. Obama isn't responsible for resentment in rural Wisconsin. Walker is. Take the desperately needed rural broadband rollout that had too many strings attached when Obama offered it:
One of the governor’s first acts back in 2012 was to turn away nearly $23 million in grant funding that would have allowed the state to expand fiber optic broadband networks to 82 schools and 385 library facilities. We lost 150 full-time jobs that could have been created by this project.

State taxpayers would have been on the hook for the entire amount if the state could not meet the grant's precise requirements, Mike Huebsch said. "This is simply not an acceptable risk." 
Today...federal FCC strings are okay, 4 years too late:
About 40 percent of the money must be spent by the end of 2017 and 20 percent per year must be put to work in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
Republicans successfully sold the idea that Obama's jobs record was a disaster, never thinking it was Walker all along who gave us job stagnation. 
State Rep. Joan Ballweg, a Markesan Republican described Adams County as home to many people who "have been hit harder by the stagnant economy. A lot of those folks feel like Mr. Trump talked like them and felt like them."
Amazing isn't it, a millionaire nacissist "talked like them and felt like them?" The world has gone mad.

Despite reality:
The economy created 11 million jobs under President Obama ... jobs created under President George W. Bush, was about 400,000 below zero. The economy has now added jobs for 73 consecutive months, a record.
Trump said he had to save America, a simple message, asking "what have you got to lose:"
Local Republicans hailed Trump's win as a "last-ditch effort" to save their country.
The following line stood out, because nothing below has anything to do with the federal government. It was all on Walker, yet he got off "Scott" free: 
The local economy, rooted in agriculture, tourism and logging, has failed for decades to yield enough good jobs, residents said. Its unemployment rate was among the highest of any Wisconsin county in 2015.
Heath Care, Health Care, Health Care: Democrats have been given a gift that will keep on giving. Please my god take this and run with it. 

One of Trump's biggest promises, just like Obama's "you can keep your old insurance," was to lower premium prices by repealing ObamaCare. Folks, I guarantee that's never gonna happen, so make this the number one talking point for the next 2 years: 
Mark Beda of rural Adams, backed Obama four years ago and Trump this time. A self-described moderate, Beda, a 47-year-old IT worker, said Obama's signature law has not made care more affordable and accessible for most people he knows. Part-way through Obama's second term, Beda said he felt it was likely he would vote for the Republican nominee in 2016.

Trump repeatedly pledged during the campaign to repeal Obama's health care law. But Beda said Trump instead should "fix" the law "to make it something that people can use ... something that is affordable. I think that would just be detrimental. You're not going to take it away. You just can't do that."
Health care costs under Trump and Paul Ryan will skyrocket, dropping tens of millions of Americans, guaranteed. Republicans will ask for more time, that free market competition will eventually lower prices. But people who need treatment and family coverage don't have time. And Republicans didn't give the Affordable Care Act any time to work.

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