Monday, September 10, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson, brought to you by Americans for Prosperity, Pushing God Given Rights Now.

Dumb Ron Johnson's rabid panic over over the end of America as we know it is reaching a fevered pitch now. His sincerity and belief that the end is near is making a difference too. With simpleton concepts wrapped around words like "freedom" and "liberty," RoJo's little bus stop is just another embarrassing performance by the dumbest man in the senate.

Bought and paid for by billionaire's, Americans for Prosperity's big money bus tour doesn't even pretend to hide their overt undermining of the middle class anymore. These low information voters have a hero in Ron Johnson, who quotes a "poll" that merely reflects Americans feelings about their dismal future, brought to us by Ronald Reagan and every other Republican deregulator and union busting outsourcer.

Muskego Patch: Sen. Ron Johnson urged voters to reject the policies of the Obama Administration, during the only Southeast Wisconsin stop of the Americans for Prosperity bus tour. Johnson expanded the discussion about freedom to remind people that rights are not granted by the government. "Rights are not granted by government because the government belongs to us," he said. “It is on our shoulders to be informed and inform others so we can save this nation," Johnson concluded.
Did Johnson really say "Rights are not granted by government because the government belongs to us?" Just another breathtakingly stupid Johnson comment that actually hollows out another part of our brain. 

The founding fathers would be surprised today to find their meticulously crafted document does not protect the rights of, or list some of the rights granted, every citizen. "God given rights" would have saved time debating what to include in the Bill of Rights I guess, but it might have been a little on the broad side. God gave us the right to be dictators, despots, serial killers and people like Paul Ryan. God gave us the right to infringe on the rights of others.

But my favorite example that shows the power of fear mongering, lies in the comment below:
Many of the attendees echoed the concerns of Bristol residents Pat and Mary Ring, whose reason for attending and for being active with the TEA Party and AFP could be summed up in one word: fear.

"We love America, but we're petrified by the debt and what it means for our grandkids," Mary explained. "We are terrified to think what four more years of this administration could mean to our economy." 
Yet it wasn't Obama's economy that brought us to this place. Oh well.

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