Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walker's ridiculous Petition against "Activist Judges" plays Republican voters for suckers.

According to the State Journals On Politics: 
Gov. Scott Walker's campaign launched a petition drive on Thursday, urging people to show their support for his law limiting collective bargaining in the wake of a judge's decision striking it down as unconstitutional.

"An activist judge in Madison chose to put politics ahead of your votes by striking down Governor Walker's good government budget reforms," the online petition reads. "When the big special interests lose at the ballot box they turn to activist judges to legislate from the bench."

Campaign spokesman Tom Evenson said that anyone inside or outside of Wisconsin can sign it.
Oh great, another national campaign to keep Walker's name in the celebrity spotlight, ya think?

Look Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas struck down parts of Act 10 because the law violates the state and U.S. constitutional guarantees of free speech and freedom of association. The law also violates the Constitution's equal protection clause by creating separate classes of state workers who are treated differently and unequally under the law.

But that’s alright I guess, because a bunch of tea party "constitutional scholars," think a petition has any relevance at all. 

Or is it just a way to gin up the base for the presidential elections? 
Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, who called it "absolutely bizarre. The interpretation of the Constitution is not based on petitions," Barca said.


  1. I RECALL Walker winning. You people asked for the vote. You got it. Walker WON. Now a COUNTY judge who rules on traffic tickets is trying to decide the future of all of us. I wish I could work seven months of the year and not be held accountable for having done a poor job. Why not put your efforts toward education our children. When I was in school in the 50's and 60's the average class was 32-35 and no one complained. Those teachers did a great job and were dedicated. Many, not ALL of the teachers today just want a paycheck to show up. Home schooling is growing everyday because of the poor school system you people support. Seems to me YOU need to wake up and YOU are the sucker.
    By the way I served in the military to support our country and your freedom. What have you done??

  2. Appreciate your service Proud Vet. I'm proud to. I raised three wonderful and successful children, worked 48 years (two jobs for 21 of those years, and held local political offices for 36 years. Over all my years I have learned a few things about politics, education, and even unions- as a served on a major union executive board. I have little time for Scott Walker... as he has shown me in many ways that he is more of a personal opportunist than a dedicated public servant. I also have real concerns about home & private schooling... as both have shown some serious educational gaps and short falls. What public education really needs is more serious parental and public funding and committment- instead of everyone wanting to save a dollar and bailing on our kids. The judge in the Act 10 matter has an excellent record and background- and without a history of bias. People's mistake by not recalling Walker, does not make him legally correct... anymore than your past military service makes you a legal scholar.