Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scott Walker Ignores Federal Warnings about Breaking Law, Playing Santa Claus with Taxpayer Money.

Republicans are so bad at running government, that to cover up their incompetence, they blame it for everything they can't get right. We've got proof:
WSJ: Gov. Scott Walker's Department of Administration secretary, Mike Huebsch, took responsibility Thursday for failing to give board members of the state's economic development arm needed information regarding a critical federal review. "I should have brought this to the board earlier" he told the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. board meeting. "This was a decision I made, and it was a mistake."
No kidding?
A WEDC board member threatened to resign over concerns about being kept in the dark by the agency's leadership. Paul Radspinner, president of FluGen Inc., sent a letter to Gov. Scott Walker saying "It is unconscionable that the WEDC staff would consider this issue not important enough to share with the board at the June meeting, let alone last week's meeting. If the WEDC leadership is not held accountable to proactively keep the board informed in a timely manner on issues affecting its reputation, then I cannot fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities nor can I continue to serve as a member of the board."
You know who chairs the board? Scott Walker.
In a strongly worded Aug. 12 letter, federal officials said the state failed to follow federal law and their own policies in issuing economic development grants.
According to the jsonline:
A May 2012 letter from HUD shows that Walker's administration was warned in August 2011 that HUD did not recognize the economic development corporation's ability to administer federal money.
This is the irresponsible Republican style of government. It’s cronyism on one hand, and Santa Claus to corporate persons on the other. Does anybody think the following is just a coincidence?
Paul Jadin, the WEDC chief executive officer, said Wednesday his departure is not related to the issues HUD is reviewing.

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