Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walker Thugs Plan Act 10 Decision Protest at Capitol, thought power and public opinion trumped Constitution!

I had to laugh when I read the reaction by at least one conservative voter when they heard Act 10 was unconstitutional, in fact, and null and void. Not only are these authoritarian control freaks pissed they didn't get their way, but their now planning to stage a protest at the Capitol.

Protesting at the Capitol? As Chief Erwin stated recently, upsetting little girls and bothering tourists will not be tolerated, even in a representative democracy? I hope they like the new rules…you gotta laugh.
Act 10 (does this) specifically, the law violates the guarantee of freedom of speech and citizens' freedom of association.
Right wing "owners of the constitution," don't seem to like certain kinds of free speech and associations:
Mt. Pleasant Patch: A event page titled We Aren’t Backing Down! Tell Wisconsin Union Judges NO! was posted by a group called Founders’ Intent and advocated for a protest at the State Capitol on Sept. 22. On the event Facebook page, Kristie Formolo wrote: How many times do we have to shove it in their out of touch liberal faces. Wisconsin is moving forward... We are tired of liberals ruining our state and our country.
Assembly snake Rep. Robin Vos seems to think public opinion and elections trump the constitution:
Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said Act 10 had already been litigated, but more importantly, state residents have re-affirmed over and over again their support of the measure. "There have been multiple opportunities for residents to speak out about Act 10, and they have, through the recall elections, proven that they approve of the law," he said.
And again, Vos like everyone in the Walker Authority, still don't get that they're the ones who started the chaos:
"It's not fair that a liberal Dane County judge could potentially throw the entire state into chaos now," Vos added. Overall, Vos said this was a political decision made by a political judge that might need to be stayed. 
Newly elected, via a recall election, Sen. John Lehman said it best about the Walker Authority:
State Sen. John Lehman (D-Racine) "The budget repair bill was never about patching a hole in the budget. It was strictly a targeted move at a political opponent," he said. "I'm glad the court caught them in the act of targeting certain groups that opposed Gov. Walker." 

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