Saturday, September 15, 2012

Samantha Vos may have committed Voter Fraud.

The legal separation between Rep. Robin Vos and Samantha has taken an unusual turn. It's ironic too, when you consider the wife of a Republican is being charged with voter fraud. WKOW's Tony Galli digs up the embarrassing but not surprising details.

The complaint was filed by Roberta Retrum, of Eagle River, a former state Assembly candidate. Retrum notes one of the signature issues for Rep. Vos (R-Rochester) has been voting integrity, with Vos championing voter identification and other steps to combat voter fraud.

When asked last month by 27 News his reaction to his wife's voting, Vos told us through a spokesperson, it was Samantha Vos' matter.

"If Robin Vos is against voter fraud, as he claims, then why did he say, it was his wife's issue? This is a state issue. I am disgusted with the hypocrisy orchestrated by the Vos family," Retrum says.

Rep. Vos has offered no additional comment.

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