Saturday, September 29, 2012

GOP Volunteer caller: "He is a Muslim....he'll get rid of your Medicare"

What the heck. This is what campaigning has come down too for Republicans.


  1. This is just one element of a fiendishly clever plot by Democrats to infiltrate the Teahadisty movement and make them appear to be insane. So far it's working, don't tell anyone.

  2. How low a human being do you have to be in order to take a gig like this? Seriously, the average GOP staffer has ZERO self-worth or self-respect, apparently/. Why else would you bother people by saying obviously false garbage like this?

    No wonder that the average GOP worker has an intellect along the lines of the Hooters Girl that was Walker's spokesperson).

  3. The phone calls are only the TIP of the iceberg. There's a MAJOR stealth campaign via email. Members of my family send me all kinds of crap. I research it, then email it back explaining what is false and why, inculding links to verify my info.

    The Democrats need to get smarter and more ballsy, taking time to call out these falseties, misrepresentations and blatant lies in these types of emails.

    I'm sure all of you have gotten a few of the over-the-top alarmist b.s. type emails. Obama's a muslim, he's going to take away your guns, he's going to raise your taxes, he's opening our borders and funding terrorists.....and that doesn't even cover the conspiracy theories.

    Worse, they are being sent to me by my friends and family members, people who are smart and I would describe as pretty on top of things for the most part.
    And they believe them (the emails). The emails are making them afraid.

    I must be making headway, because I've had two family members ask me to check the emails they've recieved to verify if they are true or false. I'm just a time strapped independent and can't battle my email contacts alone, though I do my best. I could use a little help from the party. eh?