Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grand Ann Romney says Mitt's video needs Context....

It's not a good sign when a candidates own wife acts like an arrogant elitist ass, leaving the campaign open for more criticism. In an area where most people give a pass to a potential first lady, Ann Romney stands out as a truly horrible person. Nasty, deserving, arrogant, entitled and petty are all the words I can roll off quickly to describe Ann Romney.

First, Ann made an appearance in Wisconsin, where she claimed if you just watch the whole tragic video of her husband trashing the 47 percenters, you'll "get the context of it." Amazing.

Secondly, Ann appears to talk down to women, by saying in her speech:
Ann Romney: "I know we need to have women out there understand..."
Come on women, don't you get it yet? She is a horrible horrible person.

Here's Ann's now famous "stop it" interview. Oh, the pain of running for president....

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