Monday, September 24, 2012

Van Hollen says he's not political, but defends Act 10 the Walker way, "will of the people."

Is Van Hollen even trying to look like the state's top legal mind?

Not only did J.B. Van Hollen fail to defend Scott Walker's refusal to carry out a very constitutional Affordable Care Act, but he looked stumped trying to explain why Act 10 is anything but unconstitutional. Shooting from the hip, Van Hollen skips over our founding document so he can repeat Walker's inane argument, "it's will of the people." Speaking of the people's will:
Van Hollen: "Their will shouldn't be trumped, uh by, uh, by an individual judge or anyone else unless they've clearly violated our constitution." 
"Clearly?" You know, like most cases before the Supreme Court, they' get all the easy one? From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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