Monday, September 17, 2012

Wisconsin Small Business Owners for Obama speak out!!!

Conservative don't have a lock on job creation and business, believe it or not.

Why it's taken this long for business owners to come out for a Democratic candidate is a mystery, but  it has happened....welcome Wisconsin Small Business Owners for Obama.

Love the message, and the truth of the stimulus package working, saving their businesses.
Workbench Tool Company, owner Rich Bechen says the President's streamlining of the Small Business Administration loan process, saved his business at time when no banks would loan him money. "I honestly am telling you, Workbench Tool would not be here today without that," said Bechen.

The owners of Cascade Asset Management of Madison tell a similar story.

WKOW's Greg Neumann also interviewed business owner John Kavanaugh, of Kavanaugh's Esquire Club, who says those business owners are an exception to the rule. Oh sure they are. He whines
Kavanaugh: "Obamacare could wipe out our business." 
He says if he expands at all, he'll go over the 50 employee mark, and be forced to buy health insurance, something he can't afford.

Typical conservative business owner, no curiosity and wrong about Obamacare's 50 employee rule:
Employers with 50 or more employees that do not offer health insurance coverage will pay an assessment of $2,000 per full-time worker if any of their employees obtain premium tax credits through the Health Insurance Exchange.

However, to avoid disincentives to hire an additional employee above 49 employees, the bill subtracts the first 30 employees from this payment calculation.


  1. Kavanaugh's Esquire Club is a northside hangout for Madison's Republicans. The food is mediocre and the ambience created by the clientele makes me want to hang myself in the men's room.

    Tip the staff generously as anyone who works for Kavanaugh must be counted among the wretched of the earth.

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