Saturday, September 15, 2012

Capitol Police Chief Erwin Protects little Girls from Protesters! Founding Fathers would have approved, been Proud.

Warning: Protesting the government may be disruptive to the Capitol's everyday activity!!!

The Walker Authority still doesn't get it, or, they believe the old style of government just wasn't working anymore. I believe Walker is in the process of redefining, on the fly, what freedom actually means, and the times the public can use it.

That's what Capitol Police Chief David Erwin's is trying to figure out right now, realizing the old Constitutional interpretation doesn't fit in with the new Authority's vision:
Erwin: "I saw a young lady...a young girl that was startled, from some screaming, yelling...excessive screaming and yelling in the Capitol, and ah, I knew right away, and I watch her telegram her mother she didn't want to be there, she wanted to leave. I knew right away that can't happen."  
I wonder if such an argument would hold up in court? An odd limit to the First Amendment, ya think? You know, I've seen that same look on my son's face after about 15 minutes at the Capitol, and it had nothing to do with protesters. He was just bored silly. From WKOW's Capitol City Sunday:


  1. "Telegram"?? WTF?

    What's the target audience? 70 and over?

    56 rlypeme

  2. Maybe the kid was frightened by the thuggish behavior of the Capitol police?