Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rep. Robin Vos pushing for unaccountable Legislature, Governor by restricting Recalls.

Let’s get something straight, conservatives have nothing to complain about when it comes to the total cost of the recall elections, because they forced costly primaries with fake Democratic candidates. Period.

So big surprise:
The Government Accountability Board issued a press release Friday saying the 2012 recall elections cost taxpayers more than $13 million.
The needless primaries, denounced as a dirty trick by even Republican voters, added nearly half the cost:
The May recall primary ran up a bill of $6.3 million.
Thank you state GOP, you burned through our hard earned taxpayer dollars, on purpose. You owe us all an apology. 

You’ll also notice the odd Republican reaction; because of the cost, they want to limit our First Amendment rights. Which means they don’t want to do defend their actions during their term in office. Nice job if you can get it.
 Rep. Robin Vos issued a written statement, saying he is more committed than ever to recalling the recalls.
The press deserves much of the blamed for letting Republicans blamed special interest groups for the protests. That was never true. But now that lie has morph into something more, something very unconstitutional.
"Next session I intend to re-introduce a constitutional amendment to reform our recall laws," he wrote. "We need to establish real grounds for a recall election and not be at the mercy of special interest groups when they’re angered by a particular vote."
This is Vos projecting. His party is controlled by special interest groups, so he figures the Democrats must be doing the same thing. It’s a false premise, a fiction. Since this started as a public protest, and garnered nearly one million signatures to recall the governor, can anyone believe a "union boss" forced all those signers? 

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