Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Walker Authority's Attack on Democrats precludes Negotiations, so Stop Pretending Otherwise...

"My esteemed colleague..." no longer applies.

My ears start bleeding every time I hear a Democrat plead for compromise and plead to sit down together.

So why does future congressman Mark Pocan still thinks we can negotiate with out captors. With phrases like "they're going just a little bit too far," "we probably shouldn't be," "are hopes are that we can have a conversation with him," and "we have to sit down together," just don't cut it anymore.

"Until they come to their senses," "they've gone too far this time," "we won't sit down with them" are all better statements than "when will it be a good time to stop hitting us." They're laughing at us.

WKOW's Capitol City Sunday's Greg Neumann:

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