Friday, September 28, 2012

The Liberal Polling Conspiracy.

Can someone change reality, and the outcome of the presidential election, if you believe public opinion polls are fake and in the tank for Obama?

More importantly, did we see this same disbelief in polls when Republicans were ahead? 

The Bizarro World of Republican politics is rabid over what they perceive to be the liberal media's reworked bad poll results for Romney.  Does that help them win or change the polls for real? Does desperate conspiracy theories reveal how hopeless and clinically paranoid the Republican voter has become? Stephen Colbert took a look at this upside down lunacy:

It's good to document this weird surreal attack on polling, like below:
Mother  Jones- Kevin Drum: One of the odder little subplots of the 2012 election has been the growth of poll denialism among Republicans. As Mitt Romney's chances have grown ever dimmer, a cottage industry has sprung up on the right claiming that presidential polls suffer from liberal bias and Romney is really doing better than they say. "When the published poll shows Obama ahead by, say, 48-45," explains conservative pundit Dick Morris, "he's really probably losing by 52-48!"

The conservative … patron saint going into the last few weeks of the 2012 campaign is Dean Chambers, a blogger who runs a site called UnSkewed Polls. Chambers does not dig deep into the numbers. He doesn't explain sample sizes and cell phone biases. He does just one thing: he reweights all the polls so they have the same proportion of Democrats and Republicans. Romney is a big winner every time.

He adopted it, he told BuzzFeed, after seeing a poll that "just didn't look right." After a closer look, he decided that none of the others looked right either. Chambers says. It's all quite deliberate. "Any poll that says NBC, CBS, or ABC is going to be skewed and invested in trying to get this President re-elected," he explained. 

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  1. PPP have rather the sense of humor about it: