Friday, September 14, 2012

A Few Republican bad apples....?

We should be grateful the tea party Republicans would never think of name calling in the upcoming presidential election. Issues, issues, issues....

Does the following disturbing story offer a glimpse of what we can all expect in the future?

And of course showing respect for our Commander and Chief has always been a top priority of conservative patriots as well.
Remember when Republicans chided
 liberals with "You just hate Bush?" 
A controversial Texas billboard on interstate 35 that compares President Obama to the late terrorist Osama Bin Laden is now spreading to T-shirts and bumper stickers. Tom Schad, who put the billboard up originally, started making a few t-shirts for friends, but now has many orders.

Schad falsely claimed that President Obama took all the credit for the death of Bin Laden: “He needs to understand its ‘we’, a team effort. He didn’t pull the trigger those seals pulled the trigger.”

However, some people have complained that the ad as advocates violence against President Obama. 

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