Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walker Canvassers tell Recall Signers No Need to Vote.

Politicscoop has uncovered, and is looking into, what appears to be an attempt at election fraud by Walker supporters to misinform Wisconsinites of their need to vote. For them, every little bit helps.
Reports began to surface Sunday from around Wisconsin that those canvassing for Governor Scott Walker were informing residents that if they had signed a recall petition that there was no need for them to vote today as their signature was their vote. – THAT IS FALSE.

Today automated calls, also known as" robo" calls, began inundating Wisconsin residents with the same misinformation. Politiscoop has attempted to locate the source of these calls as well as capture a recording of the information, at the time of this post we have been unable to do so and are relying on witness accounts which are all consistent of the message being delivered to residents.

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  1. Very interesting.

    So, the very Nathan Sproul whose work for the Republican Party in Florida and Colorado is blowing up in their faces might have been behind the misinformation spread in Wisconsin just before the Recall Election in June, when "robo" calls and Scott Walker's canvassers reportedly were telling people if they had signed petitions to recall Governor Walker they didn't need to vote -- their signature was their vote.

    Very interesting.

    Sure wish some journalists would get on this...