Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Selling Conservative Activist Judges! We've been hearing it for years.

What's the blow back now for never recognizing our State Supreme Court, as a conservative activist one under Justice David Prosser? We're now assuming their overtly partisan decisions are are fair, and necessary to overturn anything that doesn't agree with their ideology.

I'm going to make the case here. First, Scott Walker has no qualms about diminishing the court by calling the judge who overturned parts of Act 10, a liberal activist.

Walker didn't blink, and didn't hesitate. That's a very convincing attitude when it comes to convincing conservative voters that somethings not quite right. Republicans don't shy away from the desire to install "conservative judges," like they for some reason, have the legal high ground. I found this story from around 2005, when Harriet Meyers was nominated by Bush, that perfectly explains how "conservative judges" are encouraged publically without shame.

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