Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paul Ryan Promises U.S. World Domination, Moral Clarity forced on others, and American Influence worldwide.

I've been calling our state;s right wing political occupation the "Walker Authority," which is short for repeating over and over how authoritarian the whole Republican Party has become.

But I thought the word authoritarian sounded a little dated so even though I tried like hell to avoid bringing it up all the time, I can't keep doing this.

Paul Ryan gave this jaw dropping authoritarian warning,
Ryan: "American foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. 
We will have peace...or you will know our military might...only on certain occasions of course. I'm actually understating it. Here's the rest of Ryan's threat to the world:
Ryan: "Only by the competent exercise of American influence, are evil and violence overcome. That's how we keep problems abroad from becoming crisis. That is what keeps the peace, and that is what we'll have under a Romney/Ryan administration." 
Authoritarian? Ya think?

But the story behind Ryan's speech is just as interesting, scary and foreboding. You might say the Romney/Ryan campaign picked the absolutely wrong day to tell the Middle East protesters to behave or else. Here's the story from Rachel Maddow:


  1. Throwing a little gasoline on the fire? Every day Ryan works to dispel the myth that he is a serious policy man, one of the deep thinkers in the Republican party.

    I wish politicians of both parties would dispense with the euphemisms about freedom, progress and moral clarity and just use the phrase "Corporate Empire". This is what they are advocating after all and it would clarify to American citizens what their family members are really fighting and dying for.

    I'm sorry to break this news to those who haven't figured it out, but our citizen soldiers are not dying for our freedom, they are dying so that the Corporate Empire can flourish and the Dick Cheneys of the world can get stinking rich.

    If these wars are for our freedom them why do we have so much less of it now that nonviolent protest is labeled by the government as "low-level terrorism"?

  2. Thanks for the link to the ACLU's letter to the Defense Dept. regarding their classification of low level terrorism from 2009. It's all part of the authoritarian package.

    Thanks to Maddow, who has a sense for these kinds of stories, we're able to track the march to an authoritarian state. Oddly, Maddow is not looking at it from the authoritarian angle, but more as a war on women or power grab to win elections.

    Great comments, thanks.