Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gas Prices a Mother's Issue? Romney Campaign thinks so...

Despite a very public full frontal attack on women's health, pay and choice, Republicans are still able to find a few low information one issue women to do their dirty work. And to work against their own best interests.
WEAU: Some women in the area met up Monday night to support the Romney/Ryan ticket … It is called the "Wisconsin Mother's Drive the Economy Phone Bank" … from the Eau Claire County Republican Headquarters. They say in Eau Claire every Monday night is women's night, meaning they have female callers and emphasize issues important to women.
And what would be an important women’s...I mean, mother's issue? Choice, equal pay, mandated ultrasounds, contraception, access to health care?
One volunteer told us why she believes Romney is the right choice for her family. "It appeals to me that he is going to free up energy development to lower the price of gas that is really hurting not just our gas bill every month, but our grocery bill every month," said Emily Power.
Yup, drill baby drill. It’s not even a real issue. Prices at the pump are set by the world market.

This phone bank campaign effort by Romney, should dispel the silliness of a supposed “war on women,” right?
Republicans have been making a strong pro-mother, pro-women push on the campaign trail, trying to reject the democratic notion that Republicans are waging a war on women.

Here are a few of the posted comments:
-These women made me laugh right out loud... they don't even know what they are voting for.... and why not put it out there how ignorant women can be. Keep listening to the "man" in your life ... I hope someday you all get a voice of your own. This isn't even really funny... I feel sad for them. It's. Too bad.. I know so many women that just go with what the man says.. come on...I know you all know better....

-Unfortunately this is exactly what republicans bank on, the ignorance of the common person. They hope we vote out of emotion or feelings and remain uninformed. Sounds like these women meet the profile.

-I so agreed -- especially after watching the one-on-one interview -- she had absolutely no clue other than the garbage she's been fed -- really disappointing to see women so uninformed!


  1. Maybe Mrs. Powers should stay home and help her many children with their school work.

  2. Emily appears to be the go-to gal when the Eau Claire Republicans want an average concerned Mom in front the cameras. A quick Google search turned up four on camera quotes in less than a year. It's an amazing coincidence or she's the only female Con in Eau Claire who can string a few sentences together coherently.