Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Millionaire Republican Mark Neumann grovels & begs for help to pay off a mere $152,000 campaign bill.

The Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice said it well in his article today about Mark Neumann, former candidate and loser, who won’t do the responsible thing and pay off his own campaign bill. He needs help. Who thinks this would be a good investment? Of course there’s no shortage of conservatives suckers.
Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann offered a detailed plan to balance the entire federal budget in five years. Too bad the fiscal conservative couldn't avoid a deficit with his own campaign fund.

In an email to supporters, Neumann is asking for help paying down his campaign debts. He said he was hit with more than $152,000 in bills. "I don't have any money left in my campaign account to pay these bills," the millionaire businessman said in Monday's email solicitation. "I must turn to my supporters for help."
I thought guys like Neumann didn’t need anyone’s help? Where’s that rugged individualism, that “I built that myself” mentality?
In the primary, Neumann reported a net worth of as much as $16.4 million. Neumann brushed aside any suggestion that he pick up the tab for the last-minute campaign expenses."I don't think it's your position to evaluate my finances," said Neumann, a Nashotah real estate developer.
It appears Neumann isn’t either.

UPDATE 9/26: You won't believe this one:

Neumann now tries to raise cash for Thompson campaign: After facing criticism for trying to retire his primary campaign debt in the middle of a heated general election, ex-U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann reversed field Wednesday by coming out with a fundraising appeal for his primary foe, former Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Neumann said he didn't see the problem in trying to balance his own books at the same time the Thompson campaign was scrambling for cash. "The same Radical Left that rocked our state with Recalls is now targeting Governor Thompson, doing everything they can to destroy him and elect Tammy Baldwin. He needs your help. Will you join me and back Tommy Thompson today?"
The "radical left," which I assume is Neumann's way of saying Democratic Party, may  have brought us the recalls, but it didn't crash the global economy. Which would you choose?

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  1. This is classic! Mark Neumann, who even most other Republicans don't like, just after Ann Romney's visit to Milwaukee begging for money (what's HER net worth, anyway?), begs for money to cover his failed campaign debt! Why did it fail?
    Because noone likes you!
    And you're begging us for money you already have to pay for your SCREWY campaign?
    The Republicans are really having to come out during this election season to show what they REALLY are, and the general public thinks it's disgusting!