Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sen. Glenn Grothman: Racist and Anti-free Market Republican? We report, you decide!

Should governments have to buy from sweat shops? Should governments buy from terrorist organizations? Should government buy products made by the KKK? Should government buy from only conservative companies?

Sen. Glenn Grothman thinks so. Here’s Grothman’s bizarre press release:
Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) told the Milwaukee Public School Board to focus on the quality of their schools and stop second guessing other states’ laws. The MSB is considering waging economic warfare against the State of Arizona because of their new immigration law by boycotting Arizona’s goods and services.
From the same party protesting the "unconstitutionality" of the government “forcing” people to buy insurance from private companies, Grothman now says it’s unconstitutional for the government NOT to buy school supplies from private companies.
Grothman said, “I hope more citizens, parents, and high school students would question this action as an unconstitutional interference with interstate commerce under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.”
Does Grothman understand that in a free market system, people, companies, governments…anyone, can decide where they will do business, based on any number of reasons. Grothman and his fellow Republicans are always telling us how unfriendly Wisconsin is for business, so why isn’t this the case for Arizona?

Businesses expect their elected officials to help them attract more business. And if the state does something to puts those companies’ financial futures at risk, they should hold those same elected officials accountable. Like in Arizona.

The free market is not guaranteed in the constitution, but governmental interstate commerce is. The freedom to buy from whoever we want, without government interference like the kind Grothman is suggesting, is a liberty I’m not willing to give up.

Grothman is a supporter of racism and a supporter of Arizona’s “Show me your Papers” law. Watch how he “projects” his intolerance of immigrants on sympathizers and reformers.

“After reading about MPS grand plan to boycott Arizona, I frankly would be scared to send any children into a school district run by such intolerant, mean-spirited radicals,” said Grothman.
This is one sick “mean spirited radical” lawmaker. But is he a racist? I'm just saying...

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