Friday, June 18, 2010

GOBP Seeing Election Hopes Fade, 41 States Saw Net Increase in Jobs. Poor Red State Nevada, Blaming Obama!

With the midterm elections coming up fast, the GOBP is starting to get a little nervous, along with the more conservative news outlets, over the declining jobless numbers. As much as AP needs to report the news, despite a net increase in jobs, it also spun the good news in a way that would make the most insane tea partier blush:

(AP) - A majority of states saw their unemployment rates drop in May. But the widespread declines were mainly because people gave up work searches and
were no longer counted.
Forty-one states saw a net increase in jobs. The Labor Department says the unemployment rate fell in 37 states. Six states had increases and seven saw no change.
In an earlier post, I mentioned how the GOBP is blaming Obama, not the Republican legislature and governor, for the bleak jobless numbers and immense state debt load.

Nevada rose to the highest jobless rate in the country, marking the first time in more than four years that Michigan did not hold the top spot. Nevada's rate was 14 percent. Michigan fell to 13.6 percent.
In Wisconsin, government hiring surged while private sector jobs declined by 7,900, a sore spot for the GOBP. The question I have for free market defenders and Republican job loss whiners; Why can't you convince the private sector to hire more Americans, the supply side, even without demand?

Is there a problem convincing fellow conservative business owners that top down voodoo economics works? If tax cuts worked so well before, why haven't businesses started hiring, especially after the special stimulus tax cuts for new employees?

Is it conservative business owners don't actually practice what they preach?

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