Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Republican Candidate Ron Johnson (who?) Talks the Talk of the Tea Partiers.

More Mad Hatter Tea Party anti-government whining, devoid of real world economic solutions, and offering failed theoretical free market mumbo jumbo.

Republican Candidate to replace Russ Feingold, Ron Johnson, loves a health care system that caters to the needs of the wealthy. In a moment of total cluelessness about the health care disaster we have in this country, millionaire Johnson tells the story of the wealthy Premier of Newfoundland fly into the U.S. for treatments that fit his schedule and ability to pay. Now that's a story average middle class Americans can relate too. Upfront with Mike Gousha (Goo-Shay)casually extracts the crazy rantings of the tea party genius.

UH OH: Tea Party Backs Away from Candidate:

Don’t call Ron Johnson the “tea party candidate.” And don’t call him its “hope” or “favorite” either. in a statement late Wednesday, a coalition of tea partiers from across the state denied officially backing any candidates.

“In fact, the coalition of Tea Party/Patriot groups in Wisconsin has not endorsed any candidate in any race,” the statement read. “Nor does it align with any political party.” Kirsten Lombard of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project said she and other coalition members simply don’t know where Johnson stands on most issues.

“None of us in the coalition have had the time to vet him,” she said.

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