Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tea Party Candidate Files for Bankruptcy, Tea Party Groups Suddenly don't Know the Guy. So, Who's with Stupid?

So what happens when a penny pinching, fiscal libertarian conservative running for Sen. Harry Reid's seat, files for bankruptcy protection? You've gotta love the twists and turns of both the tea party and GOP to distance themselves from another bad manager of money.

AP - A company controlled by Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Jon Scott Ashjian has filed for bankruptcy protection in a bid to block foreclosure on a parcel of land in Las Vegas. Ashjian's lawyer, Barry Levinson, tells the Las Vegas Sun the filing was made to block foreclosure of land in northwest Las Vegas that Ashjian and other investors want to develop into a mini-storage facility. Ashjian is the Tea Party of Nevada candidate against Democratic Sen. Harry Reid.
But when the going gets tough, and the candidate is shown to have the fiscal skills of the GOP, the tea party movement scrambles away like a frightened cockroach.

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