Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tea Party Boycotts "Hardball" for Truthful "Hit Piece" of their Movement. They Don't like what they See in the Mirror.

Guess what, the tea party is now marketing a "documentary" pushing their crazy rantings as a legitimate movement. It's a movement, but founded on myths, lies, pure theoretical ideology and partisanship. What tea party members are objecting to is a MSNBC documentary hosted by Chris Matthews visually substantiating the radical chaotic nature of these small government ideologues. A hit piece they say, despite the video backing of Matthew's critical narrative.

There are also a number of different ways Americans see the constitution, strict constructionism or as a living document. But with the tea party, we are all supposed to see it from their point of view only. Not if I can help it. As they would put it, "They want to stuff their strict constructionism down our throats."

And after all, they believe in carrying guns in public, like in third world nations. Who would have a heated political disagreement when a guy has a gun?

Video has been blocked by authoritarian Tea Party sources to protect image.

Today, FreedomWorks is circulating a letter calling for a boycott of Dawn and Proctor and Gamble, asking tea partyers to "call, fax, or email" the company until it drops advertising during Hardball.

"These attacks are wrong, misleading and disingenuous," says Anna Puig of Kitchen Table Patriots in the statement. "The propaganda piece only serves a left-wing agenda, and I will do everything I can to convince Dawn to stop funding MSNBC’s lies. I'm asking Tea Party groups around the country to help us in this effort. Individual Tea Party members will be boycotting Dawn products until the company takes appropriate action regarding the decision to advertise during the Hardball hit piece, and ceases funding MSNBC.”

Matthews: "They treat the American government like a foreign occupying force." "I don't know what motivates them. Whether it's a piece of showbiz or true ideology."

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