Sunday, June 20, 2010

Constitutional Right Wing Propaganda Push in our Schools!

Remember when Obama was accused of trying to brainwash children in schools with a video taped message beamed in all over the country? You're also probably aware of David Horowitz's demonization of higher education as bastions of liberalism. Idiotic, paranoid lies that play well to the fears of fellow conservatives. But did you know that conservative "free market" and "strict constitutionalists" propaganda is making its way into our schools, without one word of acknowledgement? Jenine Turner is a former TV star turned constitutional scholar and propagandist, politicizing our schools with extremist one sided portrayals of our founding fathers and constitutional meaning.

I've also added TV libertarian John Stossell below with his own, believe it or not, school material pushing free market, small government, Great Recession causing voodoo economics. Pure political clap trap. And your kids are getting exposed to it, in our schools.

Belows promotional clip pushing "Constituting America," proves how easy it is to get kids to squawk like a low information, tea party protesters.

TV personality John Stossell's "Stossell in the Classroom" spreads the word of Milton Freidman to our children, who will soon be chanting, "not with my money." Pure propaganda.

I am excited to offer you high-quality classroom materials that teachers say bring lesson plans to life, encouraging students to think and participate, while serving your curriculum requirements. More than 140,000 teachers have made STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM an ongoing part of their lesson plans. Teachers are enthusiastic, as you can see from our "teacher testimonials."

"I find Mr. Stossel's programs informative and challenging for my students. They love them and we all like the emphasis on current events." Diana Hodges

"I have just started using John Stossel's videos in my classroom. I love the material so far! Just thrilled to see a major network and journalist take an interest in the workforce of tomorrow. Thank you!!" Denise Parker

"It is valuable to have resources from known and reputable media personalities. Student can identify with them." Clark Hoss

"I use these videos to show during our FOCUS time each day. It lasts for 15 minutes an my kids and I discuss things like global warming. I am starting to think that my kids get more out of my FOCUS time in the morning than they do for my math and science classes later in the day." Chad Gorton

I hope to get a list of the schools pushing conservative quackery on our unsuspecting kids, soon. Funny how these courses don't seem to present "both sides" of the story, isn't it?

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