Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Either Tom Barrett is Attracting Businesses to Wisconsin, or He isn't. Republicans Turn Reality Inside-out, Again.

So how dumb do they think we are? Real dumb. Conservative voters hang their hat on willful ignorance, claiming they have the constitution on their side, a supposed "free pass" to say and imagine anything they can come up with. Check out the ad below accusing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett of not creating jobs in Wisconsin, all the while stealing jobs from Colorado, creating 800 jobs in Milwaukee. Huh?

According to Wispolitics/AP:
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett’s record on creating jobs is being criticized in a television ad released Tuesday by the Republican Governors Association, even though the same group highlighted his efforts in a spot against a Colorado candidate.

The RGA ad in Colorado attacked Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, a Democratic hopeful for governor, for Frontier Airlines’ decision to move hundreds of jobs to Milwaukee. That ad actually included a few seconds taken directly from a spot run by Barrett referencing the addition of the airline jobs. “One candidate for governor has a record for bringing jobs to Wisconsin,” said the narrator in Barrett’s ad, which was also included verbatim in the RGA spot in Colorado.

But in its ad attacking Barrett, the RGA says electing the Milwaukee mayor as governor would mean “less jobs.”
Are Republicans being hypocritical, knowing their typical low information conservative voters won't notice? Yes. Oh yea, they're also saying they aren't being hypocritical, which is all it really takes nowadays.
Republican Governors Association Tim Murtaugh, said it wasn’t hypocritical for the group to run one ad touting Barrett’s job creation and another saying he’s a job killer. The Wisconsin ad is about his entire record as mayor, Murtaugh said, “not one transaction.”
That one transaction is supposed to add over 800 jobs. Only Republicans can find a way to complain about that.

Do Republicans/tea party crazies have solutions? Of course, it's automatic, but only if you stick to "the constitution."

First Amendment right to lie? It's guaranteed.

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