Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome the second coming of prohibition: Checkpoints, Doubling Alcohol Licensing and Stopping Parental Oversight of their Kids.

In many European countries, social drinking is normal, a far cry from our own celebrated tradition of over consumption and drunken stupors. But a few new draconian tactics being proposed here in Wisconsin will do nothing more that make alcohol look an even more of a forbidden fruit.

The State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse workgroup says legislators and municipalities should allow sobriety checkpoints, prohibit parents from buying alcohol for their underage kids in bars and stop issuing alcohol licenses to gas stations … doubling the fees for alcohol licenses.
Anytime you get a bunch of anti this & that’s together, you're bound to get out of step zealots to come together about the most outrageous "reforms."

Besides doing away with "drink based specials," the above recommendations are intrusive experiments in social engineering. I personally believe many parents would be a better judge as to whether their kids can drink or sample any kind of alcoholic beverage, for purely social reasons. Not just getting faced. That is my kind of social conditioning.

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